"Online Cheating Amid COVID-19", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 182, (2021): 196-211.
(with Alexander Matros)

      News coverage on Forbes: Students May “Opt Out” Of Online Test Monitoring, With Big Catch

      San Fransisco Chronicle: Online Cheating Surges During the Pandemic

Working Papers

Work in Progress

"Optimal Size of Groups in a Group Contest: Evidence from Kaggle".
(with Philip Brookins and Andrew Smyth)

"Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Experience: Evidence from Nielsen Homescan Data".
(with Tamara Sheldon and Crystal Zhan)

"Smoking and COVID-19: A Spatial Investigation Using Nielsen Homescan Data".
(with SiQing Xu)

"When Trader Joe’s Comes to Town: The Effects of Trader Joe’s Store Openings on Adult Obesity".

"To Drive or Bike?: The Effects of Transportation Method Choice on Obesity".

“Returns to Higher Education: Evidence from the 1997 Headscarf Ban in Turkey”.